Speedart #40: Pandora's Pithos

November 24, 2017

For my newest 3D modeling project, I wanted to try my hand at making a prop that wasn't a weapon, for a change. I'd alre... (Continue reading)

Speedart #39: Radium Grimoire

November 10, 2017

After some analyzing, I've decided I want to focus on prop modeling and animation. In that vein, I decided to make this ... (Continue reading)

Speedart #38: Jester of the Scarlet Court

October 27, 2017

Going into October, I had the goal of doing a significantly bigger 3D modeling project, this time. To do that, I did a p... (Continue reading)

Speedart #37: Abyssal Trident

October 20, 2017

For my second "in-between" 3D project of October, I modeled a fantasy trident from the Abyss, based on some concept art ... (Continue reading)

Speedart #36: Frostbite Axe

October 13, 2017

For my first "in-between" 3D project of October, I modeled a fantasy axe with ice magic, based on some concept art I mad... (Continue reading)

Speedart #35: Scarlet Court

October 06, 2017

To start October 2017 off, I made one of the pieces for a bigger October 3D project. For this part, I made the Scarlet C... (Continue reading)

Speedart #34: Lamia

September 29, 2017

For my last September 2017 3D project, I started work on next month's fairly massive project. This part is a transformin... (Continue reading)

Speedart #33: Dullahan

September 22, 2017

For my 2nd big September project, I made my first attempt at making a humanoid character without any help from Poser. I ... (Continue reading)