How-To #57: Poser DoF

March 03, 2017

For this week's tutorial, I went into how you can use cameras inside Smith Micro's Poser to add some Depth of Field into... (Continue reading)

How-To #56: Motion Blur

February 17, 2017

For today's tutorial, I've covered how to fake some motion in your frozen action photos!... (Continue reading)

How-To #55: Texturing Illustrations

February 03, 2017

For today's tutorial, I'm going into a few ways you can add texture to your Illustrator illustrations, to give them a bi... (Continue reading)

How-To #54: Colorizing

January 20, 2017

One of the most important elements of any design, no matter if it's photography, illustration, or otherwise, is using co... (Continue reading)

How-To #53: Teleportation

January 06, 2017

For today's tutorial, I'm going into how you can make your characters teleport, using a basic editing trick.... (Continue reading)

How-To #52: Poser Animation Layers

December 23, 2016

Built into many animation programs is a set of tools known as animation layers. Today, I'll show you how to use these to... (Continue reading)

How-To #51: Gradient Map Color Grade

December 09, 2016

For today's tutorial, I'm revisiting one of my old, unvoiced tutorials, and going back into colour grading. This video w... (Continue reading)

How-To #50: Mesh Warp

November 25, 2016

Built into After Effects is a number of effects and ways you can make a still image animated. For this video, I'll be co... (Continue reading)