Daily Sketch #187: Jerk Sketches

January 29, 2018

I put together the sketches of the Jerk enemy, for today's concept art time. I'll be doing line art for tomorrow, then d... (Continue reading)

Daily 3D #497: Smoke Collision Simulation

January 28, 2018

For today's simulation experiment, I wanted to see how Blender's smoke and fire react to meshes with collision physics. ... (Continue reading)

Daily Sketch #186: Jerk Silhouettes

January 28, 2018

Instead of starting a kappa, today, I decided I would start building up the modeling sheets I'll need for a fanart 3D pr... (Continue reading)

Daily 3D #496: Simple Smoke Simulation

January 27, 2018

For today's 3D time, I did a simple smoke simulation test to try to better understand mesh emitters.

Time... (Continue reading)

Daily Sketch #185: Kasa-Obake Effects

January 27, 2018

I finished up my kasa-obake concept art illustration with some final toning refinements, and a few effects, for today's ... (Continue reading)

Daily 3D #495: Complex Gravity Simulation

January 26, 2018

I did a relatively more complex rigid body and gravity simulation, for today's 3D time. For this one, I wanted to test o... (Continue reading)

Daily Sketch #184: Kasa-Obake Tones 2

January 26, 2018

I've worked more on fleshing out the kasa-obake's toning, for today's illustration practice. I'm quite liking it, so far... (Continue reading)

Daily 3D #494: Gravity Simulation Test

January 25, 2018

Now that my witch's lab project is finished, I'm planning to take at least a large chunk of February off from projects. ... (Continue reading)